Zastava Kovačnica is specialized in producing hot forged steel parts, mass of 0,010-50kg in normal and precise degree of accuracy.

The production program includes forgings for: passenger vehicles, trucks, tractors, hunting and sports weapons, agricultural and connecting machines, agricultural hand tools.

Hot steel forging changes the natural characteristics of the metal, enabling a better fit of the final shapes of the product and achieving greater resistance to tensile strengths. The hot forging process gives higher quality products compared to any other process.

In several market areas, where safety is essential, only forged parts are standard.

We also produce cold formed precise steel parts of the mass up to 2 kg.

The materials in use are carbon (non-alloy) steels and alloy steels.

In the production program Zastava Kovačnica there is a complete range for railways as well as railway accessories.

We perform the final processing of forged parts on CNC milling machines and CNC lathes, forging tools based on our own technology and tools in the toolshop.

Within the supplementary program, the production of welded and mechanically processed assemblies is carried out for the needs of agriculture and general industry.

All parts are delivered in accordance with regulations and customer requirements with a guarantee of high quality and competitive prices.